Go Fund Me for Building Fund

A few days ago we set up a Go Fund Me page to obtain money for an improved location. Our desire is to buy land and construct a school building OR buy a school building that already exists.

It will be helpful to have a more accessible campus.

Immediately after we published the Go Fund Me, we received a donation as a first step and EVERY PROJECT ever undertaken in the past, present, or to be undertaken begins with a first step, so we are thrilled with that progress.

The link to the Go Fund Me isĀ gofundme.com/c6rptpj3

and there you will see our video, which also can be seen at https://youtu.be/kfJTJM4AVxM

We greatly appreciate your support of our efforts!


Using Silk.co on a Non-Profits Website

Today Techsoup provided an hour-long webinar on how Silk.co can be used for non-profits. I started it at 1:00 CST, but just couldn’t stay with it. The first part was about creating maps, which we don’t need since we are very local at this time and also, the speaker was going so fast, I couldn’t keep up. I wanted to stay for the part on how to do a story and embed it, but just didn’t have the patience.

TechSoup will be providing the webinar on YouTube and, perhaps, I can watch it at some point and learn how I could use Silk.co for the non-profit.

At least I was able to finish the 2014 Annual Report and submit it to the Board for approval before uploading it to the website. I also updated the free info ebook on the non-profit and will upload that later today or tomorrow. Since I was providing bio info for downloadable docs on the website, I decided to add the bio info directly to the About Us page on the website, so have that done and, again, as soon as the Board members approve of the bio on each of them, I’ll update the website’s page.